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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2021Current overviews on COVID-19 management strategiesRai, Pankaj Kumar; Mueed, Zeba; Chowdhury, Abhiroop; Deval, Ravi; Kumar, Dinesh; Kamal, Mohammad A.; Negi, Yogeshwar Singh; Pareek, Shubhra; Sharma, Hemlata; Poddar, Nitesh Kumar
12-Aug-2020Party autonomy in the choice of law under Indian and Australian private international law: some reciprocal lessonsKhanderia, Saloni; Peari, Sagi
16-May-2021Effect of social capital on agribusiness diversification intention in the emerging marketLe Dang, Lang; Behl, Abhishek; Nguyen, Dong; Temouri, Yama; Thu, Nguyen
8-Jun-2021Social capital in agribusiness: an exploratory investigation from a supply chain perspective during the COVID-19 crisisLang, Dang; Behl, Abhishek; Dong, Nguyen; Thu, Nguyen; Dewani, Prem
May-2021Mitigate risks in perishable food supply chains: Learning from COVID-19Kumar, Anish; Mangla, Sachin Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep; Song, Malin
13-Jun-2020Revisiting Right to WaterJamwal, Kanika
5-Jun-2021Of denial and data deaths due to India’s COVID-19 national lockdownAman; G. N., Thejesh; Ranaware, Krushna; Sharma, Kanika
26-Aug-2021Amid COVID-19 pandemic, 'how are you?' Is a difficult questionShukla, Richa; Rathour, Mansi
Aug-2021Digital resilience in higher education in response to COVID-19 pandemic: Student perceptions from Asia and Asia and AustraliaEri, Rajaraman; Gudimetla, Prasad; Star, Shaun; Rowlands, Josh; Girgla, Anit
16-Jul-2021Informal collectives and access to healthcare during India’s COVID-19 second wave crisisFaruqui, Neha; Raman, VR; Shiv, Jeevika; Chaturvedi, Sonam; Muzumdar, Maitree; Prasad, Vandana