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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2021Taliban takeover will have environmental impactsChowdhury, Abhiroop; Naz, Aliya; Rosencranz, Armin
3-Jun-2020Potential human health hazard due to bioavailable heavy metal exposure via consumption of plants with ethnobotanical usage at the largest chromite mine of IndiaNaz, Aliya; Chowdhury, Abhiroop; Chandra, Rachna; Mishra, Brijesh Kumar
1-Jul-2021Bioaccumulation of potentially toxic elements in three mangrove species and human health risk due to their ethnobotanical usesChowdhury, Abhiroop; Naz, Aliya; Maiti, Subodh Kumar
3-Aug-2021Applications of microbes in bioremediation of point source pollutants from wastewaterNaz, Aliya; Chowdhury, Abhiroop; Mishra, Brijesh Kumar
12-Apr-2021Geochemistry, extent of pollution, and ecological impact of heavy metal pollutants in soilChowdhury, Abhiroop; Naz, Aliya; Diksha, Sharma
3-Aug-2021Ecosystem based disaster risk reduction at Indian Sundarbans: A lesson learned from AMPHAN supercycloneChowdhury, Abhiroop; Naz, Aliya; Shankar Iyer, Aparna; Santanu, Bhattacharyya
24-Nov-2021End overdependence on coalNaz, Aliya; Chowdhury, Abhiroop; Rosencranz, Armin
14-Nov-2021Waste to resource: Applicability of fly ash as landfill geoliner to control ground water pollutionChowdhury, Aditya; Naz, Aliya; Chowdhury, Abhiroop
10-Dec-2021Dynamics of salinity intrusion in the surface and ground water of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, IndiaChowdhury, Abhiroop; Naz, Aliya; Bhattacharyya, Santanu; Sanyal, Pranabes
22-Dec-2021India must step up efforts to reduce deforestationNaz, Aliya; Chowdhury, Abhiroop; Rosencranz, Armin