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Title: Yes, the evil queen is Latina!: racial dynamics of online femslash fandoms
Authors: Pande, Rukmini
Jindal Global Law School
Keywords: Digital Humanities
Postcolonial Studies
Fandom Studies
Popular Culture
Issue Date: 15-Jun-2017
Publisher: Transformative Works and Cultures
Citation: Pande, Rukmini. Yes, the evil queen is Latina!: racial dynamics of online femslash fandoms. (2017). Transformative Works and Cultures, Vol 24.
Abstract: Online media or participatory fandom has long been theorized as a unique creative and communicative space for women. Further, scholarly work has highlighted the possibility of it functioning as a space that is conducive to the articulation of queerness—both through transformative work and participant identity. However, this theorization has failed to account for the differential operations of these spaces when they are forced to deal with issues of race and racism. This essay argues that this is a significant blind spot as fannish spaces cannot but negotiate with the multiple loci of privilege and intersectional concerns that underpin their functioning. It therefore proposes a significant intervention in the study of the same, drawing our attention to the historically queer and oft-sidelined fannish spaces of femslash fandoms. This analysis seeks to locate the ways in which such queer spaces grapple with critiques of misogyny and homophobia in popular cultural texts and online spaces, as well as the problematics of race and racial identity within such spaces, focusing on the queer fan community built around the relationship of Regina Mills and Emma Swan, eponymously known as Swan Queen, in the television show Once Upon a Time (2011–).
ISSN: 1941-2258
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