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Title: Scandal of enlightenment and the birth of disciplines: is International law a science?
Authors: Singh, Prabhakar
Jindal Global Law School
Keywords: Enlightenment
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2010
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publisher
Citation: Singh, Prabhakar. (2010).Scandal of enlightenment and the birth of disciplines: is International law a science? International Community Law Review, Vol. 12 No. 1: 5–34
Abstract: Today’s mainstream international law scholarship (MILS) is concerned primarily with the issue of its scientifi city. Th is brings us to the larger epistemological questions of linear modernity, narratives of circular progress, role of colonisation and rejection of pre-science. International law is not a self-contained regime as it draws insights from all the other disciplines that were born after the Enlightenment. Th is article makes a psychological investigation using Nandy’s psycho-political framework under the third world approaches to international law (TWAIL). It also sees, as a case in point, the invasion of modernity via late capitalism into tribal life as modernity’s apology for the “third” disenchantment. International Law’s evolutionary scientifi city, therefore, has been examined through psychology and mythology in the post-colonial world.
ISSN: 1871-9740 (Print)
1871-9732 (Online)
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