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Title: Dynamic vendor selection: A fuzzy AHP approach
Authors: Koul, Saroj
Verma, Rakesh
NITIE, Mumbai, India
Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process
Dynamic model
Fuzzy Sets
Supply Chain Management
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2012
Publisher: International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (IJAHP)
Citation: Koul, Saroj and Verma, Rakesh. (2012). Dynamic vendor selection: A fuzzy AHP approach. International Journal of the Ana lytic Hierarchy Process, Vol 4 No.2 :118-136.
Abstract: In the ever-changing business world, appropriate vendor selection can be crucial in supply chain management. Dynamic models supporting vendors over time are not always crisp; rather they involve a high degree of fuzziness and uncertainty in real life situations. This paper proposes a dynamic model with uncertainty based on Fuzzy AHP for long-term strategic vendor selection problems. The selection of partnership suppliers is illustrated by this methodology.
ISSN: 1936-6744
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