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Title: Coping with capacity expansion: go-goal hydro’s panache
Authors: Koul, Saroj
Arora, Mayank
Go-Goal Hydro Power (P) Limited, Haridwar, India
Keywords: Renovation
Hydro power
Capacity planning
Focused factories
Small to medium-sized enterprises
Electric power systems
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2017
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Citation: Coping with capacity expansion: go-goal Hydro’s panache
Abstract: Case overview: Satish Arora (CEO) and Praveen Arora (Director Finance), a husband and wife team, own and operate Go-Goal Hydro Power Ltd (Go-GoalHPL) as a small-medium enterprise (SME). Go-GoalHPL renovates hydropower generating machines up to 250 MW rating. Their current renovation/overhauling projects are located at different sites in India. Go-GoalHPL has grown its business by pursuing new avenues that include execution of major renovation projects and construction of new projects on a turnkey basis. Go-GoalHPL's management, despite their on-going successes, are concerned about severe capacity shortages if immediate actions were not taken. They have identified three capacity expansion options: continue current operating practices and obtain additional production space; undertake a make-versus-buy study and consider outsourcing parts; and implement world-class manufacturing techniques through adoption of focused factories. The first two options represented simple incremental changes while the third presents a radical alternative that required a major reorganization of the company operations and support functions. Expected learning outcomes These include knowledge about competitiveness, corporate survival, sustainable business, operations management, productivity, performance.
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