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Title: Indian middle class: emerging cultures of politics and economics
Authors: Jodhka, Surinder S.
Aseem Prakash
JNU, New Delhi
JNU, New Delhi Jindal School of Government and Public Policy
Keywords: Indian Middle-classes
Economic Achievements in India
Economic Development
British Colonial Rule and Indian Economic
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2011
Publisher: Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin
Citation: KAS International Reports, Issue 12 (2011) 42-56
Abstract: The idea of India as a modern and democratic nation state was imagined and articulated by the emergent Indian middle-classes during the later phase of the British colonial rule over the subcontinent. Over the last two decades, the Indian middle-class has been celebrated for its economic achievements in the new global economy. It has also been expanding in size, providing critical market base to the process of economic growth and stability to democratic politics.
ISSN: 0177-7521
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