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Title: Popular novel comes of age in India
Authors: Batra, Jagdish
Language Centre, JGU
Language Centre
Keywords: Popular Novel ,
Indian writing in English
Abstract: The first decade of this century was a fruitful one in so far as the genre of Indian English fiction on the whole is concerned, but it was particularly fruitful in the case of popular novel. It is not that such a variety of novel was totally non-existent in the twentieth century, but if the publication of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, way back in 1981, is taken to be the starting point of a revolution in Indian English fiction of the serious variety, then Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone (2004) can rightly be credited with having opened the floodgates of popular fiction in our country. Since his novel appeared on the stands, some 400 novels, a large number of them debut novels penned by young professionals, have been published, all of which goes to prove that the popular novel is now firmly entrenched in India. My paper studies the unprecedented growth that has taken place in this genre, its various divisions, themes, styles etc. and its importance for the overall literary scenario in the country.
Description: Only author's manuscript. Published version not submitted.
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