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Title: Delivering development and good governance: making human rights count
Authors: Malhotra, Rajeev
Jindal School of Government and Public Policy
Keywords: Human Rights
Social Contract
Good Governance
Marginalized People
Social Inclusion
Development Outcomes
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2015
Publisher: World Bank Group
Citation: Molhotra, Rajeev. (2015). Delivering development and good governance: making human rights count. In Wouters, Jan, Ninio, Alberto, Doherty, Teresa and Cisse. Hassane. Improving delivery in development: role of voice, social contract, and accountability. World bank legal review Vol 6: pp 59-89
Abstract: Explores why human rights matter for improving development delivery in the present global context, and presents the human rights indicators framework to show how this schema can be used to operationalize a human rights approach to development and good governance and bridge the development and the human rights discourses. While globalization plays a vital role in the transformation of societies and a means to growing prosperity, it holds the potential to contribute to social dissonance and economic hardship, as seen in the post–2008 financial crisis world. A human rights approach seeks to make democracies, particularly electoral democracies in the developing world, more inclusive, accountable, and effective in delivering rapid development; it calls for a deepening of democracy and electoral system reform based on a human rights framework. Such an approach has unfolded in India where a government strategy for inclusive development aims to remove political, social, economic, and bureaucratic barriers to empowerment of marginalized segments of society.
ISBN: 9781464803789
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