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dc.contributor.authorSahni, Sanjeev P.-
dc.contributor.authorJain, Garima-
dc.contributor.authorGupta, Indranath-
dc.identifier.citationSahni, Sanjeev P., Jain, Garima and Gupta, Indranath. (2016). Measures in the background of piracy in entertainment and software industry in India. In Emilio C. Viano (Ed.). Cybercrime, Organized Crime, and Societal Responses, Berlin: Springer, pp 233-247en_US
dc.descriptionAuthor's manuscript only. Published version and book's title page not submitteden_US
dc.description.abstractThis chapter revolves round the idea that movie and software piracy is rampant in India. Reports concerning India suggest increasing rates of piracy with direct consequences leading up to economic loss. These reports, however, are limited to private assessments of piracy in a country. There are limited resources at a governmental level to suggest the level of piracy. Therefore, piracy as it stands in the movie and the software industry in India must be understood through the lens of private initiatives. Without going into the obvious questions surrounding the issue of methods followed in these reports to the questions as to consistency in relation to the findings, this chapter engages with the recent measures that have been considered in the movie and software industry. Although these methods have been believed to be useful in curbing piracy, their utility can be further questioned in the absence of adequate data about digital piracy. There is no reliable data to suggest and gauge increase or decrease the level of piracy in movie and software industry. The chapter concludes on a note that there is not enough evidence to connect piracy to the measures and the measures to the possible rates of piracy. It is necessary to engage in ascertaining the real dangers and the possible remedial measures to deter possible pirates.en_US
dc.subjectMovie piracyen_US
dc.subjectSoftware piracyen_US
dc.subjectPrivate sectoren_US
dc.titleMeasures in the background of piracy in entertainment and software industry in Indiaen_US
dc.contributor.InstitutionJindal Institute of Behavioural Science Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science Jindal Global Law School-
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