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Title: Arsenic removal technologies for middle-and low-income countries to achieve the SDG-3 and SDG-6 targets: A review
Authors: Yadav, Akhilesh Kuma
Yadav, Harish Kumar
Naz, Aliya
Koul, Monika
Chowdhury, Abhiroop
Shekhar, Shashanka
Keywords: Groundwater
Cost effective analysis
Low income countries
Cost benifit analysis
Chemical oxidation
Hybrid treatment technologies
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2022
Publisher: Environmental Advances (Elsevier)
Citation: Yadav, A. K., Yadav, H. K., Naz, A., Koul, M., Chowdhury, A., & Shekhar, S. (2022). Arsenic removal technologies for middle-and low-income countries to achieve the SDG-3 and SDG-6 targets: A review. Environmental Advances, 9, 100262.
Abstract: Contamination of arsenic (As) in groundwater has increased across the world with prominence in the middle- and low-income countries. The United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG's)- ‘good health and well-being’ (SDG 3) and ‘safe and clean water and sanitation for all’ (SDG 6), cannot be achieved without monitoring and remediating ‘As’ pollution in groundwater. Over 230 million people worldwide are affected due to arsenic-contaminated drinking water. More than 200 articles discussing the ‘As’ contamination, toxicity and cost effective technology were reviewed in this study focusing on economic status of the affected nation as per World bank report. Cost budget analysis suggested that chemical oxidation followed by precipitation (0. 043-0. 076 US$/m3), low cost adsorbent (0. 1 US$/m3), hybrid treatment technologies (0. 15-0. 17 US$/m3) and biological oxidation (0. 2 US$/m3) can be applied in low income countries through community based models to mitigate the health problem related to As contamination in order to achieve SDG 3 and SDG 6 targets. This study recommends further research on budget friendly ‘As’ remediation systems and policy level interventions in the affected nations to cater safe drinking water to all.
ISSN: 26667657
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