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Title: Examining sex-culture dynamics: A plea for realism
Authors: Batra, Jagdish
Keywords: Indian society
Cultural hypocrisy
Sexual repression
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Khalsa College, Patiala, Punjab.
Citation: Batra, J. (2021). Examining sex-culture dynamics: A plea for realism. In Deepinderjeet Randhawa (ed), Hermeneutics of the Body (pp. 31-40.). Patiala: Khalsa College Pub.
Abstract: The rising graph of crimes against women in society demands serious re-think about our social mores and practices. The matter has acquired urgency in this age of free media and global cultural exchanges. An investigation into our own cultural baggage will reveal that Indian society was never in favour of repressed sexuality. History brought about changes in societal outlook which have become sacrosanct with the passage of time. We need to put things in proper perspective and legitimize spaces which give an outlet to repressed sexuality. That will not only help cure the problem of rising crime but also help a section of society that is more sinned against than sinning.
ISBN: 978-81-269-3343-3
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