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Title: ‘Anti-anti-suit injunctions’ and ‘anti-enforcement injunctions’ in the United Kingdom and abroad : A comparative overview
Authors: Chanda, Anirban
Shrivastava, Anujay
Keywords: Injunctions
Anti-Suit Injunctions
Anti-Anti-Suit Injunctions
Anti-Enforcement Suit Injunction
Anti-Arbitration Injunctions
Anti-Anti-Arbitration Injunctions
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2021
Publisher: The Solitaire Law
Citation: Chanda, A. and Shrivastava, A. (September 01, 2021). ‘Anti-anti-suit injunctions’ and ‘anti-enforcement injunctions’ in the United Kingdom and abroad : A comparative overview. The Solitaire Law.
Abstract: In this article, we endeavor to present, a critical understanding of these five types of special injunctions while studying their evolution in the United Kingdom, and thereafter, a comparative study of various other foreign jurisdictions such as [A.] the United States, [B.] France, [C.] Germany, [D.] India, and [E.] Singapore. During this analysis, we will occasionally emphasize upon the fine jurisprudential differences between these different forms of injunctions. But more importantly, we will focus on the differences in judicial approaches in interpreting and/or granting these special equitable remedies.
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