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Title: Protection for medical professionals: Has India done enough?
Authors: Bansal, Sakshat
Puthran, Gayatri
Keywords: Medical Profession
Medical Negligence
Issue Date: 6-Mar-2021
Publisher: Economic and Political Weekly, Sameeksha Trust, Mumbai
Citation: Bansal, S. and Puthran, G. (2021) Protection for medical professionals: Has India done enough?. 56(10), 54-60.
Abstract: Following the COVID-19 outbreak, when the recovery of the nation is contingent on doctors and healthcare personnel risking their lives every day, we must examine whether there is an equitable quid pro quo in terms of receiving service and providing protection. The causes of the antagonism between patients and doctors leading to violence against medical professionals are highlighted, and the efficiency of the legislations enacted for the protection of medicare professionals in India is examined. Finally, recommendations to remedy the deficiencies are provided.
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