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Title: Arguing fundamental rights status to sports in India: A comparative analysis
Authors: Chanda, Subhrajit
Singh, Avinash
Keywords: Constitutional Law
International Jurisdictions
Fundamental Right
Sports Law
Issue Date: 10-Mar-2021
Publisher: Taxmann
Citation: Chanda, S. and Singh, A. (2021). Arguing fundamental rights status to sports in India: A comparative analysis. In Y.K. Srivastava & A.P. Singh Rajawat (Eds.) Issues And Challenges in Law Relating to Sports in India - Virtual Book, Taxmann, pp.62-69.
Abstract: Sports is considered a significant aspect as such helps the children develop their skills and helps them in remaining fit. It reduces the stress, also improves, enhances the mood, and along with such boosts the self-confidence. In addition to such, it also fosters sportsmanship and tries to build team spirit along with cooperation and other leadership skills. India is considered the second most densely inhabited nation in the world. Sports are considered to play a pivotal role in the nation-building aspect as it acts as a common thread that binds the individuals in the nation together and enhances the feeling of patriotism along with unity. The present paper has been structured from the constitutional perspective wherein the significance of the sports has been recognized with a significantly broader interpretation approach assigning it the status of a fundamental right. Sports can be accounted for healthy living, and with the pandemic like COVID19, the indication to maintain a healthy life has emerged as a vital mandate of human life. Besides, studies have reasonably suggested that there are psychological benefits that are acknowledged by the human mind through active involvement in sports activities. Sports have also been a fascinating field of research as its socio-economic value have been appreciated widely and heavily in the contemporary global order.
ISBN: 9789390831838
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