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Title: Understanding Chinese media censorship: From Ming to Jinping
Authors: Mishra, Vatsala
Polcumpally, Arun Teja
Keywords: AI
Media Censorship
Xi Jinping
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2021
Publisher: Observer Research Foundation
Citation: Mishra, V. and Polcumpally, A.T. (February 14, 2021). Understanding Chinese media censorship: From Ming to Jinping. Observer Research Foundation
Series/Report no.: Expert Speak;
Abstract: In this article, the focus will be on Chinese perception control. It takes a quick look into the censorship history during the Ming Dynasty and examines today’s constitutional provisions for highly controlled media in China. It asserts that the normalisation of censorship in Chinese society is because of the fear of being oppressed, which has been carried along the centuries of history. Finally, it concludes by showing the situation of the current surveillance society and the state’s more than required control over the citizen’s life.
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