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Title: Tackling ‘Vaccinationalism’ with Science Diplomacy
Authors: Mishra, Shreya
Keywords: Science Diplomacy
Issue Date: 22-Nov-2020
Publisher: Science Policy Forum
Citation: Mishra, S. (December 22, 2020). Tackling ‘Vaccinationalism’ with Science Diplomacy. Science Policy Forum. Retrieved from
Abstract: The growing interface between Science, Technology and International affairs with pervasive mutual impacts has expanded the dimension of diplomacy. Throughout the world there are around 150 coronavirus vaccines under development to ease the global crisis. To expedite the process, several vaccine developers are conducting different stages of trials simultaneously. In the meantime, national governments have launched initiatives for early procurement of the vaccines like Operation Warp Speed by the USA, to safeguard their ‘citizens first’ against the pandemic. This approach has given way to the phenomenon of '‘Vaccinationalism’ that requires a crucial role to be played by Science diplomacy.
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