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Title: 20 years of dentistry research at worlds perspectives: a scientometric study
Authors: Amees, Mohammad
Hosaain, Saddam
Batcha, Sadik M.
Keywords: Dentistry
Publication output
Doubling Time
Relative Growth Rate
Web of Science
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2020
Publisher: Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)
Citation: Amees, M.; Hossain, S. and Batcha S.M. (2020) 20 years of dentistryresearch at worlds perspectives: a scientrometric study. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal), 4450.
Abstract: Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases disorders and conditions of the oral function. The study rummages world performances based on its publication output in Dentistry during 1999-2018 (20 years) based on several parameters including a whole country of world’s annual average growth rate of publications share and rank Relative Growth Rate (RGR). The study was carried out from Web of Science on Dentistry research at Global perspective. The maximum records published 1536 with 9.62% in 2018 out of 15970 on Dentistry research, whereas the year 1999 is marked by lowest position having 424 records. The majority of publication in Dentistry has been published in the form of Article in journals i.e. 12331 (77.21%). In this study among the top 25 authors, Lang NP is on the top position by publishing 89 articles with h-index score 26 and g-index score 59. It is identified The Four Author contribution the highest in number of publications it is recorded to 10976 (16.69%) and occupies the first rank. It could be found that the county of USA has the highest contributed 3720 articles with highest citation i.e. 58763; whereas the Indian country's minimum of records published in this research was 232 (1.5%) articles. This study is based on Web of Science database. Further research using other databases like Scopus, Chemical abstract, Derwent Biotechnology Abstracts, BIOSIS and PubMed could be attempted.
ISSN: 1522-0222
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