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Title: You can try what you want, but there’s no escaping English
Authors: Jayaram, Rahul
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2020
Publisher: Deccan Herald
Citation: Jayaram, R. (September 13, 2020) You can try what you want, but there’s no escaping English. Deccan Herald
Abstract: In recent weeks, disparate events have shown that India takes two steps forward and a few back, so that we may be in the 21st century one moment, and in a bygone era the next. With the Madhya Pradesh government wanting to reserve jobs for locals or the recent AYUSH ministry online meeting where the host insisted on speaking in Hindi, though there were members from many non-Hindi-speaking states, or the National Education Policy 2020 that purports to promote local languages (many see a pro-Hindi hand here) – all these signify the return of a recurring sore. That we’re discussing this, 73 years after Independence, is exasperating. It’s cultural, or linguistic or regional domination, déjà vu. In other words, nativism
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