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Title: Must Justice be blind to be objective?
Authors: Bansal, Sahil
Keywords: American courts
Visual Media in Law-Courts
Visual court
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2020
Publisher: Nickeled and Dimed
Citation: Bansal, S. (September 05, 2020) Must Justice be blind to be objective?.Nickeled and Dimed
Abstract: Law as we know it has always been in the confines of text. The world that the law is meant to reign upon has relocated its focus from text to visual ways of understanding various happenings as the technology develops. But it is imperative that before one technologizes the law and uses visual media to drive the idea of justice, one must track the already existing instances of visual justice in courts of law. Therefore, in this article I chart the instances where the courts have relied on visual media to shape the idea of justice. I aim to look at instances where the judges, in American courts, have made use of images to redefine the nature and idea of justice.
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