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Title: Establishing Patterns of the Urban Transport Flows Functioning On Urban Network Parameters
Authors: Burko, Dmytro
Lobashov, Oleksii
Prasolenko, Oleksii
Gyulyev, Nizami
Kumar, Chitresh
Keywords: road traffic
transport network
motorization level
traffic characteristics
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2020
Publisher: ScienceDirect
Citation: Burko, D., Lobashov, O., Prasolenko, O., Gyulyev, N., & Kumar, C. (2020). Establishing Patterns of the Urban Transport Flows Functioning On Urban Network Parameters. Transportation Research Procedia, 48, 793–800.
Abstract: The paper attempts to use the motorization levels for analyzing the increase in traffic volume across road links and network for roads of various hierarchies. Using a gravity model approach and traffic volume and flow survey along the nodes and links, it found that increase in per capita vehicle ownership leads to relatively higher increase in traffic load and the relationship can be used to predict the future traffic projections, based on motorization levels of the residents and the traffic zones. Further, predicting motorization level by using economic and income indicators can link, increase in traffic demand with economic and other welfare policies allowing planning of long term of infrastructural development.
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