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Title: Influence Parameters of Transportation Process on Own/ Hired Fleet Selection
Authors: Galkin, Andrii
Kumar, Chitresh
Roslavtsev, Dmytro
Lobashov, Oleksii
Schlosser, Tibor
Keywords: transportation demand
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2020
Publisher: ScienceDirect
Citation: Galkin, A., Kumar, C., Roslavtsev, D., Lobashov, O., & Schlosser, T. (2020). Influence Parameters of Transportation Process on Own/ Hired Fleet Selection. Transportation Research Procedia, 48, 1815–1823.
Abstract: Increased competition between enterprises is a characteristic feature of global modern markets. The growth of trading, transport, forwarding, warehousing and other enterprises lead to increased complexity between these stakeholders. Adoption of logistics management process of transport services due to increased transportation of goods, material flows, and uneven volumes can improve the efficiency of the logistics system. In this regard, the research paper investigates the use of own vis a vis hired fleet and their impact on technological parameters, demand and efficiency of transportation services. The own/ hired fleet ratio estimation for transportation services has been done using project analysis methodology. The developed economic-mathematical model allows modeling of the technological and economic results of the transport service system.
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