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Title: India's dying rivers seek a coordinated response
Authors: Mehta, Tarini
Chowdhury, Abhiroop
Keywords: Ganges River Basin
Water pollution
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2020
Publisher: The Statesman
Citation: Mehta, T. and Chowdhury, A. (August 21, 2020) India's dying rivers seek a coordinated response. The Statesman
Abstract: A river is the lifeline of a civilisation. India’s rivers, by contrast, have been transformed into carriers of sewage and disease. Nearly 70 per cent of the surface water in India is unfit for consumption. This has led to an increase in cases of cancers, lead poisoning and other serious diseases. A 324 per cent rise in cancer cases was recorded in India within one year - 2017- 2018 (National Health Profile of 2019). Half of Indians’ illnesses are water-related (World Health Organisation).
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