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Title: Analysing the possibility of a consociational settlement between Spain and Catalonia
Authors: Biswal, Sabyasachi
O. P. Jindal Global University
Keywords: Consociationalism
Issue Date: Apr-2020
Publisher: Foreign Policy Research Centre Journal
Citation: Biswal, S. (2020) Analysing the possibility of a consociational settlement between Spain and Catalonia. Foreign Policy Research Centre Journal No. 42(2), 63-73.
Abstract: Spain and Catalonia have been in a decisive, cold skirmish, where Spanish unity and Catalan autonomy have been used as respective leverages. The current clash can be traced back to 2008.However, the emergence of a bitter relationship has been pinpointed to as late as the 7th Century. With proto-nationalist sentiments threatening Spanish unity, Spain currently is sitting on a time bomb, which will make or break the Republic. In fact, the repercussions of a Catalonian break-up will have possible ripple effects all over Europe, with countries like Belgium, UK, France, and Italy fighting similar sentiments of secession/autonomy. The paper, therefore, navigates the emergence of such proto-nationalist sentiments in Catalonia and deciphers if Lijphart’s consociational model will be instrumental in preserving Spanish unity, and,hence curbing the ongoing conflict.
ISSN: 2277-2464
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