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Title: Examining China and India’s Path to a Gender- (Im)Balanced Growth: Reflections from the Post-Reform Eras
Authors: Manivannan, Srivatsan
Mohan, Deepanshu
Keywords: Economic growth and reform
Welfare scheme for woman
Gender equality
Female labour reforms
Feminist re-imagination
Issue Date: 28-May-2020
Publisher: Springer, Cham
Citation: Manivannan S., Mohan D. (2020) Examining China and India’s Path to a Gender- (Im) Balanced Growth: Reflections from the Post-Reform Eras. In: Kim YC. (eds) China-India Relations. Understanding China. Springer, Cham, pp-157-182
Abstract: Narratives of economic growth and reform are normatively centred around a notion of development that often tends to exclude the welfare and participation of vulnerable groups (especially women). Over the past few decades, the importance of gender equality and labour reforms has led to substantive changes in the domain of economic policy-making and the methods of data gathering which has resulted in the promotion of critical discourses on feminist economics, inclusive growth and the rights of women. This chapter utilizes these emerging discourses and applies them to two separate case studies of India and China. Post-reform growth experiences of the two states in the 2000–2015 period reveal insights into the relationship between gender equality and existing definitions of growth.
ISBN: 978-3-030-44425-9
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