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Title: Understanding Innocent and Transit Passage
Authors: Malhotra, Ankit
Keywords: Innocent passage
Transit passage
Territorial sea
Law of the sea convention
Foreign vessels
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2020
Publisher: Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies
Citation: Malhotra, A. (June 5, 2020) Understanding Innocent and Transit Passage. Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies
Abstract: The right of innocent passage for foreign vessels within the territorial sea of a coastal State is defined as "navigation through the territorial sea for (a) traversing that sea without entering internal waters or calling at a roadstead or port facility outside internal waters, or (b) proceeding to or from internal waters or a call at such roadstead or port facility." The passage must be "continuous and expeditious," but it may include stopping and anchoring when incidental to ordinary navigation or rendered necessary by unusual circumstances.[1]
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