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Title: Crop Yield and Democracy
Authors: Ang, James B
Fredriksson, Per G
Gupta, Satyendra Kumar
Keywords: Democracy
crop yield
Issue Date: May-2020
Publisher: The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
Citation: Ang, J. B.; Fredriksson, P. G. and Gupta, S.K.(2020). Crop Yield and Democracy Land Economics, 96 (2), pp.265–290.
Abstract: How does the historical legacy of agriculture affect democratic traditions in contemporary societies? This paper provides empirical evidence that inherent crop yield and democracy exhibit an inverted U-shaped relationship. This finding is supported by cross-country data from up to 147 countries, 186 pre-colonial societies, and the U.S. states. The relationship thus exhibits a highly per- sistent pattern. Crop yield is measured by ki- localories per hectare per year under rain-fed conditions, which has the advantage of being highly exogenous. The hump-shaped relation- ship holds up to a battery of robustness tests.
ISSN: 0023-7639
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