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Title: Did women participate in national movements?
Authors: Bansal, Sahil
Keywords: Indian Women In Nationalist Struggle
Spiritual Symbolism Of Women
Femininity And Masculinity
Issue Date: 6-Sep-2018
Publisher: Youth Ki Awaz
Citation: Bansal, S. (September 06, 2018) Did women participate in national movements?. Youth Ki Awaz
Description: India’s struggle for independence is of tremendous importance in the history of anti-colonial movements. The most important aspect of this movement for Independence from a historical point of view was that it saw mass participation by Indian women, women who had until then been confined to the domestic sphere. The contribution of women in the Independence Movement was significant. They were involved in diverse nationalist activities, both within and outside the home. Within the home, they spun and wove khadi, held classes to educate other women and contributed significantly to nationalist literature in the form of articles, poems and propaganda material.
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