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Title: Giving worth to the worthless
Authors: Chaudhuri, Sriroop
Roy, Mimi
Keywords: Climate change
Sustainable human development
Waste management
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2017
Publisher: Millennium Post
Citation: Chaudhuri, S. & Roy, M. (February 20, 2017) Giving worth to the worthless . Millennium Post
Description: While the world rips apart on raging debates over climate change and whether it is a right choice to ratify treaties rooted in hard science, our waste just keeps piling up silently and stealthily underneath to affect the flow of matter, energy, and other resources on every level of sustainable human development. And more so for the developing than the developed economies and the former is still rather reluctant to acknowledge the need of the hour and make necessary policy reforms. The climate, of course, claims the hot seat in the environmental arena these days. But more tangibly, so should have been issues of wastes. Climatic anomalies have only just begun to be felt. But as long as human civilisation aspires to backtrack itself, wastes and associated health hazards have always been there in The Father's hallowed memory. Of course, the dimensions have changed, new diseases have entered the scene, new definitions appear in books, bilateral treaties been refreshed. But all have only brought along newer challenges spiked with starker realities.
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