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Title: Harvesting the 'Nothing'
Authors: Chaudhuri, Sriroop
Keywords: Water-food-energy nexus
Climate Change
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2018
Publisher: Millennium Post
Citation: Chaudhuri, S. (March 01, 2018) Harvesting the 'Nothing'. Millennium Post
Description: Just a year ago, while attending a workshop in Delhi on social dimensions of Climate Change, I was taken aback by a recurring comment: "over time, we have increasingly mastered the art of harvesting the nothing". Sounded pretty sarcastic at that time. But a study by the McKinsey Global Institute reflects the same in a roundabout way—real commodity prices (food, electricity, fuels, water etc.) have increased by nearly 147 per cent, since the turn of the century. This implies, keeping in mind the recent shocks in global food and fuels market and depreciation in the US and British currency, livelihood choices for a vast cross-section, especially the marginal population, is rapidly dropping to nothing.
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