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Title: Case comment: The highway liquor ban case: State of Tamil Nadu v. K. Balu & others
Authors: Tandon, Satyam
O. P. Jindal Global University
Keywords: Liquor vends on highways
Road accidents
Drunk-driving on highways
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Christ University Law Journal
Citation: Tandon, S. (2017). The highway liquor ban case: State of Tamil Nadu v. K. Balu & others. Christ University Law Journal, 6(2), 77–86.
Abstract: The issue in this case1 was the presence of liquor vends on National and State Highways across the country which provided easily accessible liquor to the users of the highways,which led to an alarming number of road fatalities. The judgment aimed to ensure that any existing or fresh issuances of liquor licenses to liquor vends on highways was prohibited,so that road accidents could be reduced and safety of the users of the highways could be ensured. The Supreme Court observed that we should not make a nation the accident capital of the world, in the pretext of economic development.They considered the statistical data of all road accidents and concluded that an accident occurred every four minutes in India.Thereafter, the cause was identified as drunk-driving, which alone had resulted in 27,152 road accidents2. Thus, the need of the hour to curb drunk-driving on highways,was deemed worthy of immediate attention.
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