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Title: A Coming Year of Turmoil?
Authors: Muralidharan, Sukumar
Keywords: Youth protest
Demograpic change
Citizenship Act
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2019
Publisher: Deccan Herald
Citation: Muralidharan, S.(December 29, 2019). A coming year of turmoil? Deccan Herald.
Abstract: In mid-2019, Narendra Modi won a second term as Prime Minister with a resounding mandate, and India and the world once again renewed hope that he would focus on putting the economy back on track and ensuring that India reaps its ‘demographic dividend.’Instead, at the end of 2019, millions of India’s citizens, mostly youth, from across religions and regions, are out on the streets protesting against a government that has used its brute majority in Parliament to pursue not just its Hindutva agenda but, as a corollary to it, also to concentrate immense power in the government and police while diminishing other institutions of democracy.
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