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Title: De-mythologizing peacekeeping
Authors: Popovski, Vesselin
Keywords: Peacekeeping
Peace enforcement
Military engagement
Chapter Six and a half
Protection of civilians
Troop contributors
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2015
Publisher: Journal of International Peacekeeping
Citation: Popovski, V. (2015). De-mythologizing peacekeeping. Journal of International Peacekeeping, 19(1-2), 33–55.
Abstract: Peacekeeping, one of the major innovations in United Nations history, has been regarded as an activity falling under ‘Chapter Six and a half’ of the un Charter. Many have also urged that peacekeeping be made more robust and to engage with military force against ‘spoilers’. This article questions these two myths – ‘Chapter Six and a half’ and ‘robust peacekeeping’ – and argues that providing ambiguous half-half mandates and expecting peacekeepers to engage robustly has created a lot of confusion. It advocates for clarity and distinction between peacekeeping and military engagement, and recommends to delegate these two roles to two fully separate actors, well equipped and trained to exercise them professionally.
ISSN: 18754112
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