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Title: Validating a destructive measurement system using Gauge R&R — A case study
Authors: Sharma, Mithun
Sahni, S.P.
Sharma, Shilpi
Keywords: Six-sigma
destructive testing
measurement system analysis
Gauge R&R
crossed Gauge R&R
Issue Date: 22-Nov-2019
Publisher: Bialystok University of Technology
Citation: Sharma, M., Sahni, S.P., Sharma, S. (2019). Validating a destructive measurement system using Gauge R&R — A case study. Engineering Management in Production and Services, 11 (4), Bialystok University of Technology, 34-42.
Abstract: Purpose. The research study aims to evaluate the precision of the measurement system using Gauge R&R. Methodology. An experimental research design adopting a positivist empirical approach with deductive strategy was followed to assess the effectiveness of Crossed Gauge R&R technique for validating a measurement system using destructive testing. Results. Crossed Gauge R&R technique in Minitab was found to be highly effective in quantifying different components of measurement variation relative to process variation. The theoretical contribution. Clue generation from the Crossed Gauge R&R study combined with manufacturing and measurement process know-how helped in identifying and eliminating the root causes for measurement variation. Practical implications. Overall Crossed Gauge R&R proved successful in validating the burst strength test equipment. However, it should be noted that manufacturing and test equipment played an equally important part in developing and executing the gauge R&R study and accurately analysing the results. So, Crossed Gauge R&R should be used as an aid rather than the solution for measurement system validation.
ISSN: 2543-6597
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