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Title: Rooting for sustainable agriculture and food security through improved regulatory governance in India
Authors: Tripathy, Sunita
Keywords: Sustainable development
UN Food and Agriculture Organisation
Sustainable agriculture
Food security
Issue Date: 7-Sep-2019
Publisher: Springer, Singapore
Citation: Tripathy S. (2019) Rooting for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Through Improved Regulatory Governance in India. In: Liu KC., Racherla U. (eds) Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China. ARCIALA Series on Intellectual Assets and Law in Asia. Springer, Singapore
Abstract: ‘Zero hunger’ as a sustainable development goal requires macro-level multisectoral innovation in any regulatory setting. This is more so in the case of India, which grapples with poverty, famine, shortage in food supply and massive hike in prices of basic foodstuffs. In this chapter, I critically analyse the recent Indian efforts to overcome challenges posed by the pervasive problem of food insecurity and discuss the issues that India must overcome to position itself in a low-hunger bracket globally. In that I elaborately reflect on whether the prevailing food distribution system is being reformed to achieve aims of creating sustainable food systems through action-oriented policies. Further I contend that agroecological practices in comparison to the intellectual property-centred industrial model are the more sustainable approach in the longer run...
ISSN: 9789811381027
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