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Title: Internet infidelity: An interdisciplinary insight in a global context
Authors: Sahni, Sanjeev P.
Jain, Garima
Keywords: Virtual infidelity
Psychological impacts of internet infidelity
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2018
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Sahni, S. P., and Jain , G. (Eds.). (2018). Internet infidelity: An interdisciplinary insight in a global context. Springer. pp.185.
Abstract: This volume discusses the phenomenon of internet infidelity by looking at the psychological, social, legal, and technological aspects involved in such behaviour. The rise of social media as well as technological advancements that create ‘real’ experiences online have made it possible for people to engage in multiple kinds of online relationships. These create concerns about regulating such activities via national and international law, as well as psychological and social concerns of understanding the overall impact of such behaviour. Therefore, this volume, which includes perspectives from across the world, asks and addresses some fundamental questions..
ISBN: 9789811054112
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