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Title: BRICS: Information asymmetry in primary equity markets
Authors: Pruthi, Tanvi
Koul, Saroj
Keywords: Information Asymmetry,
Equity Markets,
Economic Growth
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2019
Publisher: Theoretical Economics Letters
Citation: Pruthi, T. and Koul, S. (2019) BRICS: Information Asymmetry in Primary Equity Markets. Theoretical Economics Letters , 9, 1817-1833.
Abstract: Robust equity markets promote economic development. Most developed nations have stringent disclosure requirements for companies that intend to raise capital through stock markets; which further helps in strengthening equity capital markets. Following their footsteps, developing countries like BRICS have enacted such regulations. This research is doctrinal where a systematic approach is undertaken to examine the current legal framework about asymmetric information in the equity capital markets of BRICS countries. This research shall act as a testament to the claims of securities regulators in BRICS countries who want to create a safe environment for investors by promoting transparency. This research aspires at contributing to the existing literature on primary equity capital markets by identifying such laws that help in reducing information problem between market participants. While this is regulatory driven analysis; additional research could be carried out to check the implementation of these laws in BRICS countries.
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