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Title: Why Sri Lanka could determine U.S. foreign policy in south Asia
Authors: Fernando, Srimal
Rathnayake, Yashodha
Keywords: U.S. foreign policy
Southeast asian nations
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2019
Publisher: The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
Citation: Fernando, S., & Rathnayake, Y. (March, 25, 2019). Why Sri Lanka could determine U.S. foreign policy in south Asia. The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs.
Description: It has been seventy-one years since Sri Lanka entered into formal relations with the United States. Since then, a new line on thinking on U.S.-Sri Lankan relations has emerged in foreign policy circles. Sri Lanka may have been viewed as a tiny and dispensible island nation in the past, but today it is seen as a strategic maritime asset that can potentially counterbalance China’s rapidly growing influence in the region. Given its position in the Indian Ocean Rim, it would be a mistake for the United States to discount Sri Lanka’s strategic importance to U.S. policy in the region, and stronger bilateral relations between the two countries may define the partnership of the 21stcentury.
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