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Title: Virtual referencing: a simulated version of libraries
Authors: Nagpal, Ritu
Kaur, Kulpreet
Keywords: Reference service, Virtual Reference Service, Asynchronous, Synchronous, Digital Natives.
Issue Date: 23-May-2019
Publisher: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention
Citation: Nagpal, R., & Kulpreet, K. (2019). Virtual referencing: a simulated version of libraries. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, 8(5), 08–12.
Abstract: This study points out to the behavioural changes brought about in the contemporary information seekers and discovery of Virtual Reference as an appropriate tool suitable for digital natives. It further explores the definition of Virtual Reference as given by different authors and the broad categories under which it can be divided. New technology is a structured and sequenced process and development is inevitable. The chapter also encompasses the list of present day software available and the factors to be taken into consideration while estimating the usability of these software.
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