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Title: Ratna Ghosh: short biography & significant contributions
Authors: Mukherjee, Mousumi
Keywords: Comparative & International Education
Issue Date: 2-May-2019
Publisher: CIEclopedia: National Institute of Education, Singapore
Citation: Mukherjee, M. (2019, May). Ratna Ghosh: short biography & significant contributions. National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore
Abstract: Ratna Ghosh was born and brought up within a multicultural milieu in Shillong, a beautiful hill station in the Eastern Hills of India where the majority population is from the Khasi tribe, quite distinct from mainstream Indian cultural and religious groups. An indigenous group whose language belongs to the Austroasiatic group of languages, the Khasis are largely Christian of many denominations. The big difference from the rest of India is that the Khasi people follow the matrilineal system of descent and inheritance. Classified under the Indian Constitution as a Scheduled Tribe they are now among the most educated groups in India. Although she is not a Khasi herself, Ghosh grew up in a milieu where women were educated and powerful.
Description: CIEclopedia is a who’s who website database for comparative and international education. It was established in 2006 as an initiative of Teachers College, Columbia University. The project was supported by the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), and was launched on the occasion of the Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It draws on oral histories, the author’s experience as a participant in the project since its early stages, and the actual database. CIEclopedia is not only a medium to portray the distinguished leaders of CIES and others but also one more testimony of CIES’ leadership in pioneering meaningful initiatives to professionalize the global field of comparative education.
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