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Title: Book Review: Keki Daruwalla’s Swerving to solitude: letters to mama
Authors: Batra, Jagdish
Keywords: Swerving to solitude
Keki Daruwala
Issue Date: 27-Mar-2019
Publisher: India Facts.
Citation: Batra, Jagdish. (March 27, 2019). Keki Daruwalla’s swerving to solitude: letters to mama. India Facts.
Description: Daruwalla’s aversion to present-day BJP leadership is evident in the form of a forecast from the minor character Elham who, true to her name, has intuition or dreams. In one such dream the present Prime Minister is portrayed as leading a crowd of trident-wielding people on ass-backs, but Daruwalla desists from naming Narendra Modi.
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