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Title: (Un)Tackling the monkey manace
Authors: Batra, Jagdish
Keywords: Monkey menace
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2019
Publisher: Ultra Health
Citation: Batra, J. (March, 2019). (Un)Tackling the monkey manace. Ultra Health.
Abstract: A daily problem that the people all over north India face is the monkey menace. Monkeys continues to cause harm to humans so much so that many houses have been turned into cages while the simians are free to romp about. Local administration feels hamstrung or at best resorts to ad hoc measures. The lackadaisical attitude of the government is amply proven by the fact that the Departments of Public health, whether of Haryana or the Centre, do not show any data of monkey bites or measures being taken to contain them. The author is of the view that the monkeys too are a ‘vermin’ because of their huge population and predatory behavior and strict action needs to be taken to safeguard humans.
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