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Title: Witnessing justice in catalonia
Authors: Jahanbegloo, Ramin
Keywords: Democracy
Issue Date: 12-Feb-2019
Publisher: Catalan newspaper ARA
Citation: Jahanbegloo, Ramin. (February 12, 2019). Witnessing justice in catalonia. Catalan newspaper ARA.
Description: With the beginning of the trial of Catalan independentist leaders, once again the problem of justice in Spain in particular and more generally in Europe and the world is in the balance. The gathering of thousands of people in Madrid to vent their fury at what they see as the overly conciliatory stance adopted by prime minister Pedro Sánchez on the issue is a sad reminder of the repressive times of General Franco and the Spanish Inquisition, when free thinkers and creative rebels accused of heresy were burned at the stake.
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