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Title: A quantum framework for economic science: new directions
Authors: Patra, Sudip
Keywords: Quantum field theory
Mathematical modelling
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2019
Publisher: Economics E-Journal
Citation: Patra, S. (2019). A quantum framework for economic science: New directions. Economics E-Journal.
Abstract: The current paper explores the cutting-edge applications of quantum field theory and quantum information theory modelling in different areas of economic science, namely, in the behavioural modelling of agents under market uncertainty, and mathematical modelling of asset or option prices and firm theory. The paper then provides a brief discussion into a possible extension of the extant literature of quantum-like modelling based on scattering theory and statistical field theory. A statistical theory of firm based on Feynman path integral technique is also proposed very recently. The collage of new initiatives as described in the current paper will hopefully ignite still newer ideas.
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