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Title: Interpretive structural modelling of website quality factors for repurchase intention in online context
Authors: Trivedi, Ashish
Trivedi, Vibha
Keywords: repurchase intention
interpretive structural modelling
website quality
decision making
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Inderscience
Citation: Trivedi, Ashish and Trivedi, Vibha (2018) Interpretive structural modelling of website quality factors for repurchase intention in online context. Int. J. Electronic Business,14(4), pp.309–325
Abstract: Customer website experiential value has recently been a critical success factor for online retailers. Website quality has been extensively studied as a determinant of repurchase intention of online shoppers in the recent past. This study employs interpretive structural modelling (ISM) approach to propose a hierarchical framework for analysing contextual association among drivers of website quality. The responses from a pool of fifty-five experts, both from industry and academia, are collected to depict the interdependency among factors. These factors are further classified based on their degree of dependency and driving power to explore ‘key drivers’ of website quality. The results suggest that presence of information variety, ease of payment product details and website response time have a positive overall impact on customers’ website experiential value and thus repurchase intention. The analyses and results would help the managerial decision makers to focus on key factors by understanding their linkages and mutual relationships.
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