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Title: President Trump’s graceful exit from Syria deserves praise!
Authors: Kanahalli, Vijeth
Keywords: Russia - Syrian relation
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2018
Publisher: The Foreign Policy News
Citation: Kanahalli, Vijeth.(December 24, 2018). President Trump’s graceful exit from Syria deserves praise!. The Foreign Policy News.
Description: 17 years on; $1 trillion spent; 2500 Americans lives lost and the Taliban still holds 50% of Afghanistan. This was roughly the contour that the Americans were sketching if they stayed longer in Syria. Truth be told— America was never as serious as the Russians in the Syrian civil war. The Russians and Iranians had turned the civil strife in favor of Syrian President Assad. The Americans have a presence of 2000 soldiers on the ground and have conducted about 17,000 air strikes.
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