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Title: Story of my life: how various events shaped my sexuality and gender expression
Authors: Bansal, Sahil
Keywords: Gender expression
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2018
Publisher: Galaxy
Citation: Bansal, Sahil.(December 17, 2018). Story of my life: how various events shaped my sexuality and gender expression. Galaxy.
Description: I was born in 1999, in what you can call a business family. My grandfather, Sh. Tilak Ram Bansal, had a small business of crude oil products like Petrol, Diesel in Punjab. Soon his five sons joined him and the business flourished and our family got the moniker of “petrolpump wale”. All the five Bansal brothers were tall, broad, burly, loud-spoken, extremely confident, shrewd and fearless men. Their masculinity was a defining feature and was regarded as being essential to running the business. Gender thus played a significant role in the upbringing of the men in the Bansal family.
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