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Title: What future for South-South cooperation?
Authors: Vazquez, Karin
Keywords: South-South Cooperation
2030 development agenda
Sustainable Development Goals
Knowledge sharing
Issue Date: 11-Dec-2018
Publisher: Revista Español de Desarrollo y Cooperación
Citation: Vazquez, K. (2018). What future for South-South cooperation? In: Ayllón, B.; Ojeda, T. La Cooperación Sur-Sur a 40 años del plan de acción de Buenos Aires. Revista Español de Desarrollo y Cooperación, n.43.
Abstract: South-South Cooperation (SSC) has increased and diversified over the past decades. This phenomenon, however, has not been followed by a reassessment of the normative framework that guide this form of cooperation, limiting the complementary role SSC can play in the implementation of the 2030 Development Agenda. As the scale, scope, and complexity of SSC expand, a reassessment of SSC normative framework is necessary to enhance the contribution of SSC to sustainable, inclusive development ahead of BAPA+40.
ISSN: 1137-8875
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