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Title: Application of block chain technology in higher education
Authors: Jha, Sanjay
Koul, Saroj
Keywords: Block Chain Technology, Higher Education, India
Issue Date: 8-Jan-2019
Publisher: 16th AIMS Int’l Conference on Management (AIMS-16)
Citation: Sanjay Jha and Saroj Koul. Application of Block Chain Technology in Higher Education, 16th AIMS Int’l Conference on Management (AIMS-16), Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (Pune), India, January 3-5, 2019; pp. 618-623 (ISBN: 978-1-943295-11-1)
Abstract: The blockchain is an ICT innovation; it facilitates new types of economic organization, governance and transparency. Organizations, especially in India, have yet many challenges to overcome in synchronizing and aligning their digital transformation efforts to enable the network effects to take hold. In this investigation, the application of blockchain technology, in higher education in India - involving academic institutions, students and verifiers, especially in the wake of the current racket of fake degrees being issued at a large scale from universities across the country at the graduate and post-graduate levels - is being explored.
ISBN: 978-1-943295-11-1
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