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Title: Dalit leadership, collective pride and struggle for social change among educated Dalits: Contesting the legitimacy of social class mobility approach
Authors: Sinha, Chetan
Keywords: Dalit leadership, Collective pride, social class mobility, social change, India
Publisher: Contemporary Voice of Dalit
Citation: Vol. 12, No. 1, 2020
Abstract: Dalit leaders played a significant role in the life of lower caste people. They created a meaningful political identity of Dalits’ (oppressed) and inspired them for the collective movement for social change. Paper critically explored three major theoretically interlinked and contested components that is, Dalit leadership, collective pride, and social class mobility and discussed the emergent categories. Participants in the present work are highly educated Dalits who take inspiration and pride from the Ambedkar’s leadership and believe in the role of collective movement for social change.
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